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After an original idea by Paul Freeman.
First published 7 Nov 2010. This collection of airfields is © 2010 - 2018 RonaldV


Disclaimer (last updated: 28 July 2013):
This website does not intend to give a very in-depth historical picture, nor is it intended to be a scientific work. It is being built to satisfy my curiosity and to make you curious about airfields all over Europe. Consider this website a starting point to learn more about airfields and aviation in Europe.

Over the years I have collected a vast amount of pictures and information from the web. The overview of airfields on this site is a result of that collecting, as well as of ongoing research. In some cases I may be hotlinking directly to images on the web (usually with a credit/referral). If you feel I am infringing on your rights, please let me know (with some proof, obviously) and I will give you credit or remove the image within reasonable time, whichever you request.

It is, however, important to know the following: you do not own copyright for photos that were not made by you, unless you ordered them made, or acquired the rights to a copyrighted work. The simple act of buying a photo does not automatically make you the owner of copyright. Also: copyright expires. I'm trying to follow European copyright rules, but I am not a lawyer, so there may be ambiguities. But as a general rule, I stick to the rules (300K, PDF) that were published by the UK National Archives in December 2011. The fact that you have a unique photo in your collection does not automatically make you the owner of the copyright, this is especially true for works that were made before 1957. In such cases I am willing to credit your collection, though.

All information on this website was collected from open sources (books, magazines and internet) and information by email. Due to the nature of the internet and magazines, these sources may no longer be available by the time you get to read the information here. Although I try to avoid to quote litterally by combining information from multiple sources into one article, you may find information that was originally researched by you. Due to the nature of the Internet, where information is shared and copied without quoting and/or referring on a regular basis, this is hard -if not impossible- to avoid. Of course this means you can freely quote the information you find here too. The copyright you will find at the top of all pages only refers to the complete collection of airfields. The complete collection is a compilation made by me, and although you can freely quote from it, you cannot freely copy the entire site. Additionally: in no event shall the site pages of or be nested inside the pages of another site. Everything must be done to make it clear to the reader that he or she is on the domain or , which allows the user to navigate freely.

Occasionally I may link to information outside the or domains. I am however not
responsible for the content offered outside and Be assured that the information on these pages was correct and unclassified at the time of writing.

Some countries/territories explicitly forbid the use of any nazi-symbolism. Europe's history is closely tied with these symbols and generally not in a pleasant way. Because this site deals with history and because I feel removing these symbols would falsify that history, I have chosen to keep these symbols (including persons associated with it) in place. The presence of these symbols is not, in any way, intended to glorify or endorse (neo-)nazism.

This website includes aeronautical information as it was found on line at the time of writing. The information is guaranteed to be NOT up to date, and is NOT recommended for flight planning. Always check the current information in the FIR you are about to fly in!