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After an original idea by Paul Freeman.
First published 7 Nov 2010. This collection of airfields is © 2010 - 2018 RonaldV





58°42'27"N 024°13'19"E

Runway: 03/21 - 400x20m - asphalt

Avaste airfield is an abandoned airfield 85 kilometers south-southwest of Talinn, Estonia.
The airfield was built by the Soviet Union in the 1975-1985 timeframe. It was used for agricultural activities by state-run Aeroflot. It consisted of a runway and a small platform to the north of the runway.

From what can be seen in Google Earth the airfield is currently (21st century) used for non-aviation purposes. The runway is partly overgrown with weeds. Only the southern half of the former runway appeared to be in reasonable shape in 2002 and 2014 photography. It is unlicenced and therefore officially closed to all traffic.

August 2002 aerial photograph of the airfield (Google Earth)

Avaste in 2014 (Google Earth)