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After an original idea by Paul Freeman.
First published 7 Nov 2010. This collection of airfields is © 2010 - 2018 RonaldV

Juvincourt (WW-I)



49°30'00"N 003°57'10"E

Runway: 1250x1050m - grass (CLOSED)

Juvincourt air field (French: Aerodrome de Juvincourt, also known as Remicourt and Julvécourt) was a World War I airfield located 3 km northeast of the town of Amifontaine near the farm Rémicourt in the Aisne department of northern France.
It has its origins about 1917 as a grass airdrome built by the French Air Force as a combat airfield on the World War I Western Front.
In November 1918, "Julvécourt Airdrome" was made available to the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) air units in France.
The 1st Aero Squadron moved into the airfield as the largest and bloodiest battle involving American troops began, the Meuse-Argonne offensive from 26 September to 11 November 1918, along with the 12th Aero Squadron, and remained there until the end of the war on 11 November.
1st Aero Squadron pilots recorded 13 aerial victories during the war, commemorated by 13 Maltese crosses encircling the 1st's squadron emblem.
The 1st Aero squadron lost 16 pilots killed in action and 3 missing-in-action.
After the war ended, the American units withdrew by the end of the month, the airfield was closed and the land returned to farmers.
Today nothing indicates there was ever an airfield at the location.

"Julvecourt Airdrome" in 2006 (Google Earth)

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