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After an original idea by Paul Freeman.
First published 7 Nov 2010. This collection of airfields is © 2010 - 2018 RonaldV




53°30'25"N 008°34'22"E

Runway: 07/25 - 658×19m - Asphalt
Runway: 16/34 - 1200×30m - Asphalt

Bremerhaven-Luneort airfield (German: Flugplatz Bremerhaven, also known as Verkehrslandeplatz Bremerhaven-Luneort or Regionalflugplatz Bremerhaven, ICAO: EDWB) was an airfield 345 kilometer west-northwest of Berlin.
The Luneort airfield began in 1956 by glider flying of the Luftsportverein Unterweser. In 1959 the airfield received certification for motorised flights, which allowed the Aero-Club Bremerhaven to use the airfield also. Another five years later the licence was expanded to include helicopters and on 15 June of that same year the Airfield Company Bremerhafen Ltd. (German: Flugplatzbetriebsgesellschaft Bremerhaven mbH) was created. From 1965 commercial airline OLT was the first to have regular services to the airfield. 
In September 1991 the airfield began to expand with the purpose of becoming a full fledged commercial regional airport. In October 1992 a new 920m runway was inaugurated and a new station building and control tower were constructed. The rebuilt airport was officially reopened on 21 July 1995. In 2002 followed the lengthening of runway 16/34 to 1200m, the opening of the airfield for 24 hours operations and the permission to receive night and IFR traffic. An accident of a resident Bremerhaven Airline machine en route to Wangerooge in December 2001 (s.u.) caused the pasenger numbers to drop from 9000 in 2002 by % to 8400 the following year. As a result Bremerhaven Airline went bankrupt, which meant the loss of the route to Wangerooge. At the same time, the number of air movements rose by 6% to 6900, however.
In September 2011, the Bremerhaven city council decided to close the airfield to make room for a new Offshore-Terminal (OTB). All aviation activities were to move to the civilian terminal at the military airfield Cuxhaven-Nordholz. At the time, the suggested date was set to 31 March 2016.
IFR air traffic to and from the airport was stopped on 30 November 2015. Limited VFR traffic remained possible until 29 February 2016.The airfield was closed permanently on 1 March 2016. White crosses were painted on the runways. 

The airport in 2012 (Martina Nolte, under Creative Comons BY-SA 3.0 )

This video, shot on 11 March 2016 proves: 
Airport Bremerhaven-Luneort is closed forever! 

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