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After an original idea by Paul Freeman.
First published 7 Nov 2010. This collection of airfields is © 2010 - 2018 RonaldV




55°18'42"N 023°57'12"E

runway: 16/34 - 2000x50meters/6562x..feet - asphalt over concrete

Air field Kedainiai (Lithuanian: Kė dainių aerodromas, also known as Daukšių aerodromas, Russian: also spelled as Kedaynyay, ICAO EYKD) was a Soviet air base in Lithuania.
The airfield was built by the Soviet Union during World War II and served as a base for Pe-2, and later Il-14 (1963) aircraft. The airfield had 28 large parking dispersals. 
During the Cold War it was home to 128 Gv VTAP (128th Guard Military Transport Aviation Regiment) and 600 VTAP (600th Military Transport Aviation Regiment). Both units flew Il-76 and An-12 from the base, until Lithuania became independent and the units had to be relocated to Russia. Religious processions and folk festivals were held in an attempt to hinder the military ceremonies of the retreating Soviet army to Russia in 1993.
On the northwest side of the runway it had a SAM site for base defense, which now sits abandoned with only the concete foundations remaining.
No photos or maps of the airfield while in use have been located

Overview of the airfield in 2003 (Google Earth)

According to Wikipedia it is listed in aeronautical sources as 'civilian', so its mililtary days are over. When viewed from the air (Google Earth) though, the airfield looked abandoned in 2003. Taxi tracks and parkings were either overgrown or removed. Large objects could be seen standing in the middle of the runway. According to its Lithuanian Wikipedia page however, the runway was repaired a few years ago. It received an asphalt top and is used for civil aviation. An ultralight pilot of the Aero Club of Alytaus died at the airtfield in 2008 when his aircraft suddenly nosedived. 
In spite of these activities, the list of Lithuanian longest runways, dated 31 Dec 2010, still lists the airfield as unused. Lithuanian websites report a lot of dragracing and drifting contests at the former airfield.

The runway at Kedainiai airfield, shot in 2008 (Wikipedia).

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