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After an original idea by Paul Freeman.
First published 7 Nov 2010. This collection of airfields is © 2010 - 2018 RonaldV




67°45'55"N 020°15'15"E

runway: 05/23 - 900x40m - asphalt
runway: 11/29 - 880x40m - asphalt
runway: 17/35 - 1200x40m - asphalt

Kalixfors airfield (Swedish: Fält F34 Kalixfors or flygplats Kalixfors, ICAO: ESUK) was an airfield 920kilometers north of Stockholm.
The airfield built between 1941 and 1943 as an airbase for the Swedish Air Force (Flygvapen).
It consisted of three runways, a hangar, some barracks, mess rooms and a sauna.
The air base group remained operational until 1966.
It was then moved to the (civilian) airfield in nearby Kiruna.

No photos of of the airfield while in use were located.

Today the airfield is in use as a an army airfield.
The runways are still in good condition.


Fält 34 Kalixfors in 2009 (Google Earth)

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