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After an original idea by Paul Freeman.
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53°22'50"N 000°42'01"W

Runway: 03/21 - 4250x150ft - Asphalt (estimated - no longer remaining)
Runway: 10/28 - 8000x150ft - Asphalt (currently 09/27 - 820x50m/2690x150ft remaining)
Runway: 15/33 - 4150x150ft - Asphalt (currently 14/32 - 460x50m/1509x150ft remaining) 

Sturgate airfield (RAF Sturgate, ICAO: EGCS) is an airfield ... kilometers north of London.
Sturgate was one of the last bomber airfields built during WW2 and opened too late to see operational service. It featured a FIDO fog dispersal system, 36 loop-type parkings and two hangars. Also part of the air base was a large bomb storage area northeast of the airfield.
A variety of training units were based here during the 16 months of activity, while 50 Sqn and 61 Sqn (Lancaster bombers) were based briefly at the airfield from June 1945 until January 1946. The airfield closed when both squadrons had left for RAF Waddington.
RAF Sturgate reopened in 1953 to accommodate USAF Strategic Air Command units. Republic F-84 Thunderjets of the 508th Strategic Fighter Wing operated from Sturgate, until they were deactivated in 1956 with the phaseout of the escort mission and retirement of the B-36. The airfield was then used by various USAF units as a temporary base as late as final closure in 1964.

Badge of the 508th Strategic Fighter Wing. The Strategic Fighter Wings were dectivated as strategic jet bombers became available. They were faster than the F-84 Thunderjet escorts that were to protect them. Also, the power of a single atomic bomb meant that mass raids such as in World War II had become something of the past.

1958 USAF map of Sturgate (Collection of A.T.A. James). Click the photo or here for a larger, readable version.

The northwest corner of the former RAF air base is now home to the Lincoln Aero Club and Eastern Air Executive, who operate on a portion of the former East/West runway. The Lincoln Aero Club moved into the airfield in 1975 and operated a flying school at the airfield until the airfield became an unlicenced airfield in 2002

Sturgate (see the red arrow) as it was presented on 2013 CAA aeronautical maps

2013 Approach chart for Sturgate (Lincoln Aero Club)

2013 Aerial photo of Sturgate airfield, with the contrast set a little strong to show the disturbances in the soil (Bing Maps)

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