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Updated on: 07 02 2023
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40°36'26"N 019°25'41"E

Runway: 13/31 - 3500meters - grass/dirt
Runway: 13/31 - 1400meters - gravel

Akerni air field (also known as Pish Poro airfield or Mifol airfield, ICAO: LAVL) was a reserve airfield north of Vlorë, in the Vjosa-Narta Protected Landscape.
I could not trace when the airfield was built. The airfield appears to have had two runways; a long grass/dirt runways and a narrow 1400meter gravel strip that may have doubled as a parking. Additionally there are a number of horseshoe shaped revetments south of the runway.
According to Aeroflight it was used during summer exercies by Nanchang CJ-6 and MiG-15UTI of 4004 Regiment (the Air Force Academy in nearby Vlorë. It was a dispersal/exercise airfield only however, so no units were permanently assigned to it.

The remains of Akerni in 2008 (Google Earth)

In November 2021 the site saw the beginnings of construction of Vlora International Airport (Vlorë International Airport). It was planned to become the third international airport in Albania after Tirana International Airport and Kukës International Airport. The construction of Vlora Airport inside the Vjosa-Narta Protected Area is conflicting with national laws and international biodiversity protection conventions that Albania has ratified. The Bern Convention called on the Albanian Government to review the plans to build an airport inside the Vjosa-Narta Protected Area. If completed, the new airport is planned to accommodate wide-body aircraft and will become the biggest airport in the country. It is expected to have a major impact on economic growth and tourism, but also to have a grave negative impact on the biodiversity of the area because the airport will be located entirely in the Narta Lagoon, an Albanian protected area. Environmentalists have expressed their concern about the possible collision of airplanes with birds, as Narta Lagoon is a major breeding and living place of migratory birds.