Special Thanks to...

Special Thanks

Sites that have been a great help in finding information for this project

(France) La mémoire de bordeaux contrôle.






Archeologi dell'Aria - Communità di appasionati di ricerche aeronautiche e recuperi storico umanitari


the unofficial Baltic Airfields directory

UKAirfields.org.uk by my good friend Richard

(United Kingdom)

Airfield Research Group


Military Aviation Museum 
(United States of America)

Wikipedia pages in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Russian, Swedish and other languages,
Google, Google Translate, and everybody who took the effort to put some knowledge of airfields on line or in my mail (see main menu Contact the webmaster ), even when it was only in his/her own language.


The European Court of Justice for their ruling on embedding copyrighted works



People who have been a great help in finding information for this project:

James Olgethorpe (Australia)

Jan Lantmeeters, Jos Gysbrechts, Nikko Yaginuma, Maurice Bruyndonckx, Wim Demeyer, Bjorn Claes,
Jos Bamps, Emmanuel Godfroid, Jean-Michel Dominique, Jan Gillegot and Ivan Janssens (Belgium)

Zbynek Rapprich (Czech Republic)

Rémi Brouillaud and Mathieu Camus (France)

Volker Böhme and Michael Hesse (Germany)

Claudio Toselli, Michelangelo Marino, Silvano Marti, Claudio Gioia, Antonio Pignatiello,
Giangavino Contini, Guido and Giacomo Surci

Janis Bitenieks

Paul Baijens, Herman Dekker, Han de Ridder, Paul Sturm, Bart Vermeulen, Dick Trum, Menne Kosian (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands)), Jaap Woortman - Documentation Group Volkel and Peter van Kaathoven Study Group Air War 1939-1945, René Ros - webmaster militairzeeburg.nl and stelling-amsterdam.nl, Rob de Man of ClassicWings (the Netherlands)

Magnus Emanuelsson and Per Jelkne (Sweden)

Renee Grier, Richard Flagg, Mike Seager Thomas, Robin A. Walker and Steve Robson 
(United Kingdom)

Bob Ferguson - Col. USAF (ret.), Ed Robertson, Stan Kolbe, Reid Waltman, Ben Bajorek and Mark Boyd 
(United States of America)

and many others from countries around the globe who wished to remain anonymous.