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52°25'45"N 005°40'27"E

Runway 05/23 - 1200meter/3600feet - concrete/grass

Glider field Biddinghuizen (Dutch: Zweefvliegveld Biddinghuizen also known as zweegvliegveld Larserveld) is a small glider field at the Larserveld just outside Biddinghuizen.
From 1981 to 1995 the independent glider pilots of "Zweefvliegclub Flevo" kept their homebase at Lelystad airfield, but future plans of the rapidly expanding airport ultimately did not leave room for a glider club. After a lengthy search the club found a suitable place on the outskirts of nearby Biddinghuizen.
Glider club Flevo (Dutch: "Zweefvliegclub Flevo", or "ZC Flevo" for short) ultimately moved to their Larserveld near Biddinghuizen in 1995.

The Larserveld is only just inside the limits of the TMA of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Below the TMA flights are permitted up to 1065meter (3000feet). Usually this is enough to reach the thermically favourable Veluwe area. To the north and east of the strip (from the end of runway05) climbs are permitted up to Flightlevel 65. Except to the south and west there are virtually no airspace restrictions. Over the years the field has proven to be an excellent starting point for long (overland) flights of up to 500kilometers (about 350nm).
The airfield is well drained and has a concrete winchpath, allowing flights as long as it is dry weather.

The concrete winchpath is clearly recognisable, having two small platforms on both ends (Google Earth).