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51°53'55"N 004°28'25"E

Runway: 11/29 - 400x20m - asphalt

Katendrecht airfield (Vliegveld Katendrecht, also known as Katendrecht International Airport and Katendrecht Red Bull airfield) was an airfield in the center of Rotterdam.
The airfield was purpose built in a few weeks for the Red Bull Air Races on 12 June 2005, not in the least because of Mr. Frank Versteegh's efforts to convince the burrough of Katendrecht that Red Bull was a good thing for Rotterdam.
For the few days it was active it borrowed a Rotterdam Airport firetruck and besides the racers, it also suported the Red Bull camera helicopter.
Katendrecht airfield was not to last, however. The day after the races the deconstruction of the airfield began. Today, only photos remain.

Katendrecht airfield the day before the Red Bull races (izi.travel). A larger (3216x2136pixel) version of this photo can be found at HistorischKatendrecht.

Katendrecht as an active airfield on 12 June 2005. Visible are the airport fire truck and two helicopters (air-races.com)