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Updated on: 07 02 2023
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40°38'44"N 020°44'29"E

runway: 01/19 - 3600x84m/12,000x275ft - grass 

Korçë air field (Italian: Coritza, ICAO: LAKO) was a reserve airfield in the southeast of Albania, close to the Greek and Macedonian borders. The airfield was built in the second half of the 1930s as a civilian airfield in the Italian-Albanian domestic air route network. Early in World War II the airfield was used by a Regia Aeronautica unit flying CR42s. 

Clickable map of Ala Littoria's network, showing Korçë (Coritza) airfield in the late 1930s (collection Björn Larsson and David Zekria, via Volker Böhme).

Today the field is alledgedly still occasionally used by the Albanian Air Force. It is a bare facility though, with no assigned units or personnel. Although a grass runway and aircraft parking couldn still be recognised in aerial photography as late as Sep 2022, the runway had roughly been halved in length, levaing only the northern half for aviation activities, the remaindere had returned to agriculture. 

Korce, 2007. the red lines show the outlines of the runway (Google Earth)