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44°24'53"N 003°17'04"E

Runway: 11/29 - 1100x25m - asphalt

La Canourgue airfield (french: aérodrome La Canourgue, ICAO: LF4861) was a private airfield 490 kilometers south of Paris.
The airfield, or rather: a runway, was built in the in the beginning of the 90's.
This runway, made in the middle of the Garrigue, was to serve as an auxiliary base for Canadair water bombers of the Securité Civile in the case of a fire in the forest of this region. Very little history about the use of the airfield was found. The aerodrome only saw some rare use by a few private planes. It never saw the slightest of a Canadair.

1989 - The first aerial view found of the airfield. (

1999 - the center line of the runway is plotted using white stripes. (

2004 - The airfield has been closed. large X's are clearly visible on the track. (Google Earth)

2015 - flight over the airfield from the YouTube channel of Benoît Lagambas

2020 - the track is closed and all the paintings have disappeared (Google Earth)

Curved runway in very poor condition, impractical for airplanes. Fences on either side of the track.

(Research by Olivier)