Papa West Ray

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59°21'06"N 002°54'01"W

runway: 04/22 - 467m/1532ft - gravel
runway: 07/25 - 334m/1096ft - gravel/grass
runway: 18/36 - 343m/1125 - grass

Papa Westray air field (ICAO: EGEP) is an airfield on Papa Westray island in the Orkneys in Scotland
The airfield was built in an attempt to break the isolation of the Orkneys and opened in August 1967. There are scheduled services, such as flown to the other remote airfields, using Britten-Norman Islanders. Papa Westray is probably best known for the shortest scheduled commercial flight between two locations. The service, between Westray and Papa Westray, on average takes just 96 seconds, while the entire flight including taxying sometimes takes as little as 2 minutes. The airfields' only other facilities are a platform and a small office building/shed.

Overview of Papa Westray in 2006 (Google Earth).