Scale Hall

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54°03'35"N 002°49'45"W

flying field: 500x500yds - Grass

Scale Hall air field (RFC Station Scale Hall) was an airfield 340 kilometers northwest of London.
The airfield was built by the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. It was located on a small patch of land between the electrified railway line between Lancaster and Morcambe to the south, and the Lancaster to Morcambe road in the north.
In 1917 the airfield was likely briefly closed because of the explosion at the munitions factory across the railway line. In 1919 the -by then defunct- RFC airfield was proposed as an intermediate for an extensive air mail route system. As late as 1932 the site was used for a flying display.

World War I map of Scale Hall airfield, showing its VERY small dimensions (source).

A map published by Flight Magazine in 1919, showing Scale Hall as an intermediate on the proposed London-Manchester-Belfast air mail route.

During World War II the former airfield became known as RAF Morecamb. From 28 December 1939 it was home to No.9 School of Technical Training. It also served as No 3 WAAF Depot and the Air Crew Training Wing (Polish). Additionally, it was the location where 243 Sqn was formed, only days before shipping out to Canada for training on Dakotas. After the end of the war it served as a subsite for 61 Maintenance Unit until July 1949.

Today, the site is almost completely built over by a Lancaster suburb. There are no visible remains left of the former airfield.

The location of the former Scale Hall airfield in 2010 (Google Earth)