Validation date: 21 07 2011
Updated on: 18 06 2017
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57°15'17"N 022°33'58"E

runway: 03/21 - 400x20m - asphalt

Talsi air field name was an airfield just 1 kilometer from the town center of Talsi and 100 kilometers northwest of Riga, Latvia.
The airfield was built by the Soviet Union in the 1975-1985 timeframe. It was used for agricultural activities by state-run Aeroflot. It consisted of a small runway and a taxiway to a fairly large platform with a hangar-like structure to the southeast of the runway.

No photos of the airfield while in use have been located

June 2007 aerial photo of Talsi airfield (Google Earth)

View from the north in 2013 (MyAirfields.com)

Very low pass over the runway

Since 2010, MyAirfields (formerly Latvian Airfields) has listed the airfield as 'good'. Fairly good approach, however final for RWY21 lies over area of private houses, up to 300m from RWY THR. Electricity line 500m from THR RWY03. Sometimes used for car dragrace events.
The airfield is uncertified and officially closed to all traffic.